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Professional Home Watch is a licensed Home Watch Service Contractor dedicated to improving the home watch industry in SW Florida building on client needs and desires. With an extensive background in residential property inspections and home remodeling. I have the knowledge it takes to be your Home Watch Service Provider.

I have been doing home inspections since 2001! It is my nature to look at everything when I am at your home,  this is where my background and expertise is so valuable to you, the homeowner, you can trust "Professional Home Watch" to look after your home while you are away.

Or, You can always use your neighbor...


Nothing against your respectful neighbor watching over your home while you are away. Most of the time it goes smoothly, until "IT" happens. One oversight and something goes wrong. Would a professional have caught "IT" before it happened? Probably. Now, your respectful neighbor is a little embarrassed they missed "IT" and procrastinates. Now "IT" escalates. 12 hours later "IT" doubles. What now $. Is your respectful neighbor insured for such problems as "IT"?

Now, your friendship has been jeopardized and your visits to your home away from home just got a little awkward and a little less enjoyable... Hire a professional

Insured - Bonded - Background Checked - Drug Free.

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